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Doctor of Philosophy


Integrative Life Sciences

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Jason Reed

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Amir Toor

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John Ryan

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Masoud Manjili

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Joseph Reiner


Cell mass is an important indicator of cell health and status. A diverse set of techniques have been developed to precisely measure the masses of single cells, with varying degrees of technical complexity and throughput. Here, the development of a non-invasive, label-free optical technique, termed Live-Cell Interferometry (LCI), is described. Several applications are presented, including an evaluation of LCI’s utility for assessing drug response heterogeneity in patient-derived melanoma lines and the measurement of CD3+ T cell kinetics during hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. The characterization of mast cells during degranulation, the measurement of viral reactivation kinetics in Kaposi’s Sarcoma, and drug response studies in patient-derived xenograft models of triple-negative breast cancer are also discussed. Taken together, data from these studies highlight LCI’s versatility as a tool for clinical, translational, and basic research applications.


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