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Blue E. Wooldridge


The State Comptroller is an important state official. This research is intended to determine whether method of selection of the state comptroller (election or appointment), organizational configuration of the state comptroller's agency, professional qualifications of the state comptroller, or length of tenure served by the state comptroller have an impact on the effectiveness of the performance of the state comptroller’s agency.

This research utilized a multi-constituency model of effectiveness. Under this model, effectiveness was defined as satisfaction of the needs of major constituencies of the state comptroller’s agency. Major constituencies of the state comptroller’s agency were identified.

Variables to determine effectiveness for each constituency were also identified.

Cross tabulations were prepared that compared the measures of effectiveness for each constituency (dependent variables) to the independent variables; method of selection, organizational configuration, certification of the state comptroller, and length of tenure of the state comptroller.

In summary, the research produced the following findings:

  • Method of selection was found to be a factor in satisfaction of the needs of the financial community, an external constituency of the state comptroller's agency. Generally, more political, higher profile comptrollers, those appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the governor and those who are directly elected, were found to be more effective than lower profile, less political comptrollers appointed at lower levels of government. Method of selection was not found to be a factor in satisfaction of the needs of other, internal constituencies.

  • Organizational configuration of the comptroller’s agency in the context of the larger government was not found to be a factor in effectiveness.

  • Professional certification of the state comptroller was not found to be a factor in effectiveness of the state comptroller. Elected comptrollers, who are less likely to be professionally certified than comptrollers selected by other methods, are effective.

  • Tenure in office on the part of the state comptroller is not a factor in effectiveness of the comptroller’s agency.


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