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This study, using a quasi-experimental design, was conducted to explore the effect of a cardiovascular risk factor education program on the health behaviors of a group of fifth grade children. The following hypothesis was tested:

There will be a statistically significant improvement in self-reported health behaviors of school age children who receive a cardiovascular risk factor education program as compared to the self-reported health behaviors of those school age children who do not receive a cardiovascular risk factor education program.

One hundred and nineteen subjects, 63 in the experimental group and 56 in the control group, were tested using the researcher's designed health behavior questionnaire, "My Health Behaviors", before and after participation in the health education program. The program provided for the experimental group consisted of eight 45 minute sessions. The introductory and summary sessions were primarily concerned with administration of the pretest and post-test and sessions two through seven were informative sessions about high fat, high cholesterol diet, smoking and sedentary lifestyle. The program provided for the control group consisted of four 45 minute sessions; session one was concerned with introductory material and administration of the pre-test, sessions two and three were informative sessions related to general nutrition and foods high in salt and sugar, and session four was devoted to review of content as well as administration of the post—test.

Data were statistically analyzed using the paired-sample student's t-test. Results of the analysis revealed a significant difference between the two sample groups at p<0.01 level. The hypothesis was accepted.


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