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Gary R. Hartwell


This study determined if any of four endodontic solutions would have a softening effect on resorcinol-formalin paste and if there were any differences in the solvent action between these solutions. Resorcinol, formalin and zinc oxide were mixed and allowed to set for 30 days. The solutions tested were 0.9% sodium chloride, 5.25% NaOCl, chloroform and Endosolv R. Seven samples per solution were tested and an additional seven samples served as controls. Each sample was saturated with one of the solutions and the depth of penetration was tested at 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min and 20 min using a dial strain gauge. At 2 minutes, NaOCl and sodium chloride had significantly greater penetration than the other groups (p-values < 0.0010). Sodium hypochlorite was superior to all other groups after 5 minutes. This study showed that both sodium chloride and NaOCl exhibited a significant softening effect within two minutes.


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