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Master of Science in Dentistry



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Dr. Zhao Lin

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Dr. Thomas Waldrop

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Dr. Harvey Schenkein


Background: Exosomes have great potential in regenerative medicine through the

transfer of their bioactive cargos, such as RNA. tRF RNA and tiRNA are tRNAderived

non-coding RNA. Here, we sought to identify the tRF/tiRNA profile in human

mesenchymal stem cell (hMSC) exosomes. Methods: Bone marrow hMSCs were

cultured with/without osteogenic differentiation medium and exosomes were

harvested. RNA was extracted from: 1) control cells (Cell-NT); 2) control exosomes

(EXO-NT); 3) differentiated cells (Cell-OM); 4) exosomes produced by differentiated

cells (EXO-OM). RNA was sequenced to profile the small RNA with a focus on

tRF/tiRNA. Results: tRF/tiRNA was highly enriched in hMSC exosomes. Less

diversity was seen in the tRF/tiRNA profile in exosomes than that in parent cells.

Selective tRF/tiRNA were packed into MSC exosomes and their profile is dependent

on the cell maturation status. Conclusions: Our results suggest that tRF/tiRNA may

play a role in mediating the function of exosomes in tissue regeneration.


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