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Paul B. Perrin


This cross-sectional study examined relationships among discrimination, mental health (i.e., depression and anxiety), preparation for aging (i.e., familiarity and planning), social support, death attitudes, and aging anxiety among TGNC adults (N = 154). Neither discrimination nor mental health predicted preparation for aging familiarity or planning. Discrimination did, however, predict both anxiety and depression, although only the non-affirmation subscale was a unique predictor of both. As discrimination and mental health were not a significant predictor of preparedness for aging in the previous regressions, the hypothesized mediation model and subsequent moderated mediation models were not conducted. Additional exploratory multiple regressions were run to identify patterns of connections among social support, death attitudes, aging anxiety (the proposed moderators) in relation to age preparation and planning. Social support predicted preparation for aging planning, but not familiarity. Death attitudes and aging anxiety predicted preparation for aging familiarity and planning. The current findings may inform mental health interventions for TGNC individuals around non-affirmation may positively influence mental health. Additionally, addressing aging concerns and increasing social support may promote age preparatory planning among TGNC individuals.


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