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Doctor of Philosophy


Health Related Sciences

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Dr. William J. Korzun

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Sr. Teresa S. Nadder

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Dr. Melissa Jamerson

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Dr. John H. Contois

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Dr. Thomas Dayspring


Diabetes and insulin resistance are on the rise in the United States. Early detection and deployment of therapies has allowed for the reversal of pancreatic beta cell damage. Unfortunately, not all providers can offer the support to facilitating the required life style modifications. The introduction of clinical health consultants (CHC) as supplemental care has improved patient health for a variety of chronic diseases. Missing in the literature are studies investigating the correlation between the number of CHC interactions and improvement in biomarkers.

The study utilized a non-experimental, retrospective study design to evaluate the relationship between the use between the use of CHCs and the number of CHC interactions, and the mean changes in glucose, hemoglobin A1c, insulin, proinsulin, C-peptide, and 1,5-anhydroglucitol, over a one-year period for patients presented with the opportunity to participate in CHC interactions. The subjects’ follow-up results were compared to their initial results for each group using the ANCOVA and one-way t-test.

A statistically significant difference was detected between the mean change in BMI and the use of CHCs (p


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