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Garry L. Myers DDS

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B. Ellen Byrne RPh, DDS, PhD

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Caroline Carrico PhD

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Shillpa Naavaal BDS, MS, MPH


Purpose: This study aimed to survey current 3rd and 4th year dental students, academic deans, and department chairs within U.S. dental schools to analyze the level of understanding; education; guidelines; and overall awareness regarding antibiotic use within dentistry and antimicrobial resistance.

Methods: A 25-question survey intended for 3rd and 4th year dental students and a 20-question survey intended for academic deans and various department chairs of U.S dental schools were each developed utilizing REDCap. The survey invitations were sent via e-mail to the current academic dean of each U.S. dental school for distribution.

Results: There were a total of 18 respondents from the academic dean and department chair survey and 172 student respondents. Overall, 71% of students reported that they could benefit from more education regarding antibiotics. The majority of both groups agreed that dentistry should play an important role in reducing antimicrobial resistance, but most dental students were ‘not at all familiar’ with the term antimicrobial stewardship and several were unsure if clinical guidelines were present at their schools.

Conclusion: Improvements to the dental educational curriculum regarding the responsible use of antibiotics, along with the implementation of stewardship programs within dentistry are strongly encouraged.


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