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Eser Tüfekci

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Parthasarathy Madurantakam

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D. Joshua Cohen

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Caroline Carrico


Purpose: To evaluate the efficacy of a fluoride-containing orthodontic primer in preventing demineralization adjacent to brackets and compare the quality of enamel on tooth surfaces that received interproximal reduction (IPR).

Methods: Patients at the VCU Orthodontic clinic who consented to orthodontic treatment involving extraction of at least 2 premolars were recruited to this pilot clinical study. Brackets were bonded to premolars using one of two primers, fluoride-containing experimental or control. IPR was also performed, and the experimental primer was applied to randomly selected teeth. Extracted teeth were analyzed visually for the presence of white spot lesions (WSLs). Micro-CT analyses were also performed to evaluate demineralization and measure the lesions.

Results: A total of 18 teeth from 6 subjects were included in the following analyses. Based on micro-CT imaging, lesions were found on 89% of teeth treated with the experimental primer compared to 67% with the control primer, but this difference was not statistically significant (p=0.5765). There was also no significant difference between the depths of the lesions (p=1.00), handedness (p=0.5765), hygiene (p=0.7804), or time in the mouth (p=0.5601). According to visual examination, there was no significant difference in the incidence of WSLs between the two groups (89% and 89%; p=1.00) Also, there was no association with treatment (p=1.00), handedness (p=1.00), hygiene (p=0.1373), or time in the mouth (p=0.2987). No differences were noted on the microstructural characteristics of enamel at the IPR sites.

Conclusion: Fluoride-containing primers do not seem to provide any additional benefit over conventional non-fluoride primers in orthodontic patients.


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