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This thesis attends to the examination of the history-obscured oeuvre of Charlotte Dacre (1771/2-1825), a British woman of Portuguese-Jewish descent and an author of Gothic works in the early nineteenth century. Although her second novel, Zofloya (1806), made a splash in criticism, both during her lifetime and continuing into current scholarship, most of her other works––three novels and two volumes of poetry––are almost completely unstudied. Therefore, the main goal of this thesis is to explore and shed light on the deeply rich implications concerning subjects such as gender, class, race, and sexuality existent in Dacre’s lesser-known works. Although most of Dacre’s oeuvre has not been studied in depth, another goal of this thesis is to argue the importance of the implementation of further research on this body of works, especially for scholarly fields such as gender studies, women’s studies, and queer studies.


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