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Master of Urban & Regional Planning


Urban and Regional Planning

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Dr. I-Shian (Ivan) Suen

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Dr. Meghan Z. Gough

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Dr. Tracey L Gendron


With the rapid urbanization, the urban residents' demand for urban public parks is increasing. As a unique and representative age group, older adults put forward new requirements for the evaluation and rational planning of urban parks. Park accessibility is an important index reflecting the rationality of park layout, the accessibility of residents to the park and the social equity of park services. In this paper, buffer analysis and network analysis based on the ArcGIS platform were selected to analyze service accessibility and green transportation accessibility of The Villages metropolitan area of Florida respectively and then make a summary analysis. In particular, this paper chooses service area, common facilities, and recreational amenities as the evaluation factors of service accessibility. Besides, the coverage area of three modes of green transportation, namely walking, public transportation and bicycle, in different periods is selected as the evaluation factor of green transportation accessibility in this paper. The results show that: 1) The accessibility level of the study area is generally low, and more than half of the study area is not within the service scope of the park. 2) The urban parks serving the study area are relatively unevenly distributed; the road network is imperfect, and there are open circuit and blank area. 3) Park accessibility ratio of four modes of transportation in different time levels motor vehicles > bicycles > walking > public transportation. The research results can provide a reference for the optimization of the spatial layout of public parks in age-friendly cities.


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