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Master of Science


Human Genetics

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Joyce Lloyd


Erythroid Krüppel-like factor (EKLF or KLF1) is a transcription factor with roles in embryonic and adult erythropoiesis. KLF1 knockout mouse embryos die due to severe anemia. Dominant human mutations in KLF1 can cause hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin. We show that KLF1 positively regulates β-globin and Bcl11A gene expression using KLF1 knockdown in in vitro-differentiated CD34+ human umbilical cord blood cells. -globin expression appears dependent on KLF1; it is increased with modest KLF1 knockdown but not in cells with low KLF1. KLF2 mRNA amounts are usually increased in KLF1 knockdown. KLF1 knockdown in CD34+ cells results in reduced colony forming ability. Interestingly, the expression of certain proliferation and cell cycle genes is reduced due to KLF1 knockout in mouse or knockdown in human erythroid cells. In conclusion, KLF1 is an important regulator of the β-globin locus and has roles in proliferation and cell cycle.


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