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Master of Fine Arts


Kinetic Imaging

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Stephen Vitiello

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Stephanie Thulin

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Orla McHardy

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Guadalupe Maravilla


I am bored. All around me are systems that perpetuate repetitive, reductive, and mundane modes of living. In an attempt to counter a culture obsessed with singular ways of existence and bite-sized perfection, I utilize moving mediums of video and performance to dive head first into a vast array of sloppy sincerity. The crisp, white-washed, analytical, and restrictive is loudly replaced with the empirical, haphazard, and instinctual. My intention is to create and encourage raw, performative-based work that is as multifaceted as unbridled life itself. This alive and physical practice hosts a conglomeration of sweat, memories, heartbreaks, hymn singing, line dancing, cake eating, wig wearing, bedroom jamming, live streaming, code switching, hallway running, body dragging, easter egg hiding, angst, and hair salons.

This is a refusal to slice up, organize, and distill myself and my work into one dish with convoluted, explanatory rhetoric stamped with institutionalized approval and topped with the cherry of MFA status for the sake of being justified and relevant. I have zero obligations to make polished art, resolve things, or pinpoint what makes me “me”, because humans are not boxes and art does not have to be finite.


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