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Doctor of Philosophy


Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Dr. Sherif Abdelwahed


Several demand side management (DSM) techniques and algorithms have been used in the literature. These algorithms show that by adopting DSM and Time-of-Use (TOU) price tariffs; electricity cost significantly decreases, and optimal load scheduling is achieved. However, the purpose of the DSM is to not only lower the electricity cost, but also to avoid the peak load even if the electricity prices low. To address this concern, this dissertation starts with a brief literature review on the existing DSM algorithms and schemes. These algorithms can be suitable for Direct Load Control (DLC) schemes, Demand Response (DR), and load scheduling strategies. \end{abstract} Secondly, the dissertations compares two of DSM algorithms to show the performance based on cost minimization, voltage fluctuation, and system power loss [see in Chapter 5]. The results show the importance of balance between objectives such as electricity cost minimization, peak load occurrence, and voltage fluctuation evolution while simultaneously optimizing the cost.


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