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Doctor of Philosophy


Pharmaceutical Sciences

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Cynthia K. Kirkwood

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Patricia W. Slattum


Background: The interprofessional healthcare team is dynamic to cope with complex issues and needs existing in the healthcare environment. Understanding the important factors that predict dynamic team effectiveness helps health educators to establish team training models that focus on improving collaborative student performance that facilitates their transition to practice and helps to improve the health and system outcomes.

Objectives:1) Assess the impact of a practice-based interprofessional education (IPE) model on student attitudes and knowledge toward interprofessional teamwork.2) Evaluate predictors associated with team effectiveness among dynamic student teams participating in a practice-based IPE setting.

Methods: This was an exploratory cross-sectional study using a multi-measures approach to evaluate dynamic student teams in a real-life environment. Measures include self-reported surveys, a knowledge test, video recording of team encounters, and an assessment of team healthcare plans. Regression analyses were conducted to assess predictors associated with team effectiveness.

Results: The sample size was equal to 72 students and 48 clients who participated in 100 clinical sessions. Among the evaluation approaches, faculty and client ratings were robust to evaluate dynamic student team effectiveness (R-squared = 53.6 % and 41.7 %, respectively). The significant team predictors were related to team size and clinic site.

Conclusion: Practice-based IPE models are an excellent opportunity for health professions students to improve their skills, knowledge, and attitudes toward interprofessional teamwork, preparing them for the collaborative-practice environment. The results of this study suggests that in practice-based IPE models faculty and client ratings can be used as an approach to evaluate dynamic student team effectiveness.


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