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Master of Science


Health and Movement Sciences

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Edmund O. Acevedo


Purpose: This study examined the impact of an acute bout of exercise on LXRα mRNA expression in isolated PBMCs from aerobically fit middle-aged males, and its associations with cellular inflammation. Furthermore, association between cellular age and LXRα were investigated. Methods: LXRα mRNA, plasma free fatty acids, IL-6, and MCP-1 responses were quantified following acute moderate intensity exercise and throughout recovery. To examine LXRα’s associations with cellular inflammation, PBMCs were stimulated with palmitate. Finally, telomere length was quantified as an indicator of cellular age. Results: LXRα mRNA expression was reduced at 90 minutes of recovery and did not influence systemic inflammation. Palmitate induced increases in LXRα were negatively associated with IL-6 and MCP-1. Furthermore, cellular age was associated with pre exercise palmitate induced LXRα. Conclusion: Palmitate induced LXRα response demonstrated the role of physical activity and cellular aging on the ability of LXRα to regulate cellular inflammation in immune cells.


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