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Art Education

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Pamela Lawton

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Sara Wilson McKay

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Ryan Patton

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Molly McFadden


This paper explores possible applications of the experiential knowledge of motherhood in the field of art education through self-portraiture, a methodology which blends a/r/tography with elements of portraiture. A review of relevant literature situates the study within the scope of mothering pedagogy and arts-based research. Employing artistic practice and anecdotal journaling as the primary methods of inquiry, the researcher examines her experiences as a mother in a preservice art education program and the intersections of her roles as mother/artist/teacher. The researcher identifies resonant metaphors, including labor, separation, the umbilical cord, circles, the ovum, and pretending; offers parallels between mothering and art education in play, scaffolding, relationality, matrescence, changing plans, and paradigms; presents challenges such as time constraints, breastfeeding/pumping breast milk, and sleep deprivation; and provides an artist statement. The study attempts to address issues of misrepresentation and underrepresentation of mothers in art education by promoting understanding through empathetic participation.


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