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Clinical Psychology

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Bruce Rybarczyk

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Alan Dow

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Rosalie Corona


Burnout in healthcare professionals (HCPs) can negatively affect HCPs’ health and the overall functioning of the healthcare system. Of great concern is the negative effect of HCP burnout on psychological, cognitive, and work-relevant functioning. Mindfulness-based interventions have been shown to decrease burnout in HCPs and preliminary evidence suggests they may improve work-relevant outcomes. However, the literature is limited by methodological issues and generalizability concerns. The current pragmatic trial investigated feasibility, acceptability, and effectiveness of Mindfulness for Interdisciplinary Healthcare Professionals (MIHP) using a partially randomized, waitlist-controlled, crossover design [intention-to-treat sample: 22 in the mindfulness group (MG), 26 in the control group (CG)] on psychological, cognitive, and interprofessional measures. The present study also included an explanatory aim evaluating mindfulness practice time and practice quality as mediators of change. Within-group changes were assessed with the combined crossover data for mediation and three-month follow-up analyses. Finally, the present study explored the perceived effects of MIHP and how MIHP had its effects using a grounded theory approach. Results found mixed evidence for feasibility and acceptability. Small to large effects were found for the MG on outcomes of burnout, perceived stress, and mindfulness. These effects were present with groups combined and remained at the follow-up. No effect of MIHP was found on cognitive or interprofessional outcomes. Practice time and quality were not significant mediators of main effects. A grounded theory model is proposed for how MIHP may exert its positive effects within the context of healthcare.


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