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Dr. Keith Byron Kirk

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Dr. Jesse Njus

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Neno Russell


The feature film, "Welcome to The Show," is a narrative centered on four best friends in their last year of college together, who are mysteriously invited to an “interactive theatre adventure in three acts,” simply called The Show. What transpires is an exploration of Theatre as an act of manipulation; the strength and fragility of friendships; the power of words; an ode to Lewis Carroll, Antonin Artaud, and Samuel Beckett; and an intimate view of the shedding of innocence. It’s a surrealistic exploration of a very real city – Richmond, Virginia. The films starts as a comedy and ends as something quite different. The film does to the audience what The Show does to the characters. The Show is a repeatable act, but uniquely specific to each participant. “Who is the audience and who is an actor? Who invited us, and why?” are questions rippling through the story, yet are left unanswered. The meaning of the film is whatever the viewer decides. By design, it’s possible to interpret it on many different levels, even the reality that the film presents. Whatever someone thinks is true, they are correct.


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