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Master of Science in Dentistry



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Dr. Bhavna Shroff

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Steven J. Lindauer

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Caroline Carrico


Purpose: To compare repeated oral hygiene instructions and motivation to text message reminders in improving oral hygiene compliance

Methods: For this prospective, randomized controlled clinical trial, 60 patients were assigned to one of four groups. Group 1 served as a control. Group 2 received weekly text message for oral hygiene. Group 3 received in-person oral hygiene instructions at each visit. Group 4 received both text messages and in person oral hygiene instructions. Oral hygiene was measured with Bleeding Index (BI), Modified Gingival Index (MGI), and Plaque Index (PI). Baseline measurements were obtained at the day of bonding (T0) and then at the subsequent 3 adjustment visits (T1, T2, T3).

Results: Repeated measures ANOVA was used to determine the effect of the intervention groups on the change in oral hygiene across the visits. The average age was 15 and 43% were male. Based on the data from 242 total visits, intervention group was not associated with a significant change in plaque index (p=0.26), modified gingival index (p=0.78), or bleeding index (p=0.12).

Conclusions: Patients who presented with good oral hygiene initially were able to maintain it during the first four months of treatment regardless of the intervention. Practitioners should highly consider a patient’s pretreatment oral hygiene status before starting orthodontic treatment.


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