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Garry Myers


Objectives: The aim of this study was to determine if treatment plans differ when evaluating previously endodontically treated molars using periapical images (PA’s) alone versus PA’s and CBCT.

Methods: A retrospective cohort chart review was conducted including 67 previously treated molars that had a CBCT taken. Two calibrated board-certified endodontists evaluated standard PA’s. A data sheet questionnaire regarding radiographic findings and treatment plan decisions was completed. Two weeks later, the same steps were repeated but the examiners evaluated both PA’s and CBCT images and again arrived at a recommended treatment plan.

Results: Agreement between raters was assessed with Cohen’s Kappa statistic. Change in treatment planning decisions between the PA’s alone and the CBCT evaluation was assessed using McNemar’s Chi-squared test. There was a significant difference in the proposed treatment planning decisions as they differed in 48% of the cases.

Conclusion: The use of CBCT imaging altered treatment planning 48% of the time in molar retreatment cases supporting the rationale for the use of CBCT as presented in the AAE and AAOMR position paper.


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