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Garry L. Myers


Purpose: To determine how endodontic practitioners are currently managing cases of invasive cervical resorption. Also, to analyze how invasive cervical resorption (ICR) has been managed at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) over the past ten years.

Methods: Both domestic and international endodontists were invited to participate in a 14-question survey developed and administered via REDCap. Survey invitations were sent via email to currently practicing endodontists. Electronic dental records were queried for patients diagnosed with ICR at VCU in the preceding ten years. Results of both were summarized using descriptive statistics (counts and percentages). Fisher’s exact test was used to compare survey responses between domestic and international respondents.

Results: 154 endodontists responded to the survey and 80 cases of ICR were identified in the VCU axiUm chart review. The majority of endodontists reported preferring to treat ICR lesions immediately upon diagnosis. However, there was a significant amount of responses and cases analyzed where monitoring without intervention was the treatment plan of choice. With increased lesion severity, endodontists were more likely to recommend monitoring lesions with frequent recall.

Conclusion: There appears to be no clear consensus on how ICR cases should be managed. There seems to be precedent for managing cases in several different ways. Each case must be evaluated on an individual basis.


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