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Master of Science


Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

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Dr. Ravi L Hadimani


Particles of Lanthanum-iron-silicide, La (FexCoySi1-x-y)13exhibit different magnetic properties when stored in air compared to the same stored in water. The sample with a nominal composition of La(Fe0.842Co0.073Si0.084)13was prepared by arc-melting from elements under argon atmosphere. In recent years, there has been research conducted on different processes that could drastically reduce energy costs of cooling and replacing gas compressors with magnetocaloric materials. Magnetization measurements were carried out on this magnetocaloric material to characterize it in order to design magnetic refrigerator device based on it. The main focus of this research is to determine and compare magnetic properties of the material when kept in water and air. The samples are divided into four types; milled and non-milled sample kept in air and water. The present work is focused on determining the magnetization of these materials as a function of magnetic field and temperature near Curie temperature, direct measurement of heat capacity, change in entropy, change in temperature and other physical properties. Firstly, we started by comparing results of four samples to analyze them and predict the effect of water on the material. Then, we investigated the change in magnetocaloric effect of non-milled sample stored in water. This research-based analysis was used to design the magnetocaloric heat exchange device US Patent Application No. 16/394,688.


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