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Heather Lucas


In Nature, metalloenzymes catalyze a variety of thermodynamically demanding reactions with remarkable performance under mild, physiological conditions. This innate ability is a driving force for the development of nature inspired, synthetic analogues that are robust and can catalyze a variety of organic transformations. This work involves the successful syntheses of four coordinate, bioinspired complexes, [MII(n-DOB)] (M = Ni, Co, and Cu; n = 12 and 13), which have been characterized by NMR, ESI-MS, UV/Vis, EPR, and CV. Spectroscopic evidence presents the generation of reactive metal-(di)oxygen species that display amphoteric reaction behavior, making these rarities among inorganic oxidants. These potent metal-(di)oxygen species allow for the achievement of a diversity of organic transformations such as aldehyde deformylation, O-atom insertion, and selective substrate oxidations. Collectively, these research endeavors have aided in the understanding of inorganic complexes as bioinspired models and have acted as chief motives for further elucidation of their reactivity and catalytic performance.


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