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Today’s world is a wide open hyper-connected sphere where human societies worldwide exist in a complex crossroads of historical conditions, ideologies, and power structures. A pool of constant confrontations, minor or major, between the traditional and the progressive, the local and the international, the materialistic and the transcendent, the pragmatic and the idealistic, and countless layers of meaning. For an individual who exists in such an intense moment of history, it seems almost inescapable to be exposed to, affected by, or even involved in a major conflict. A situation that makes individuals always in a critical position where every role they may choose becomes an effective player in the conflict, whether they choose to participate or to retreat.

Despite all of the utopian expectations of the last century, this hyper-connected information-flooded reality became a powerful cause of division and polarization. The very systems that have been created to inform and encourage expression evolved to become platforms of mobbing and mobilization. Layering even more and more confusion upon one’s ability to morally judge and participate in the scene.

However, there might be a hope of clarity when stepping back and acting as an observer of the scene. Over time, patterns begin to emerge before the eyes of the observer until they eventually form a useful structure for interpretation. The following pages are thoughts on the nature of conflicts from an observer’s lens. An ordinary observer who lives in a time and space that can never be ordinary, as the only constant thing in this world is change.


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