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Interior Design

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Roberto Ventura

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Robert Smith


“The baby boomer generation is about to transform into the largest elderly population in human history, changing how everyone lives, large and small. All of this will directly affect recreation and leisure professionals especially in leisure programming” (Sperezza & Banerjee, 2010, p. 197). In 2012, there were 43.1 million people in the United States that were aged 65+ and it is predicted that by 2050, that number will rise to 83.7 million (Ortman, Velkoff, Hogan, 2014). Baby boomers are more physically active than previous generations and many will now live 20% - 25% of their lives in active retirement. There will be a growing demand for recreational resources utilized by physically fit, health-conscious consumers, who happen to be of retirement age.

My thesis aims to address this shifting demographic and their need to stay physically active and socially engaged post-career and children. The top leisure activities that interest baby boomers the most were researched, and I have narrowed this to aquatics. My thesis proposal is to place elements of a natatorium and a spa under one roof. As this demographic enters a life of leisure, and are lucky to have good health, this space hopes to celebrate and encourage them to stay integrated in their community, sustain their social life, and keep their minds and bodies active.


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