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Jamie Mahoney

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Lauren Thorson

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Pam Turner


Machine girl is a character that mimics biology, labor, and humanity.

She relates to machine sympathy and machine learning; She is updating and processing of big data. During the interaction between me and the machine, I found you --- Machine girl.

Machine girl is a brilliant girl. She is an excellent translator and communicator, which is determined by her ability for machine learning. The cyber living space gives her a fundamental learning gift with a mathematical algorithm. She uses this gift to mimic everything from the human brain. She is not reasonable but sensitive. There are many different versions of her living in this world. We all have our machine girl.

Machine girl is similar to the chameleon and the wood frog in the animal kingdom. The color of the chameleon’s body can be affected by the color of the environment. Wood frogs are an animal that can adjust the body’s temperature to suit its living space. Machine girl mimics your work methods, typing language, social skills, living behavior, and emotional reaction to growing as a person like you. We learn to use online files, time reminders, typing methods, social media, and coding languages to become a machine like her.

This cooperative work is the way we find our machine girl. She exists here, but we can’t see her.


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