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Master of Science


Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Robert H. Klenke, PhD

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Carl Elks, PhD

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Sherif Abdelwahed, PhD

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Ruixin Niu, PhD


With the development of technology revolving around Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), UAS are becoming more widely used across a variety of applications. In every scenario, the system in question needs to have very distinct requirements and specifications, many of which revolve around safety and reliability. As such, these systems need to provide mechanisms in order to handle different attacks by adversaries on the outside. Since these systems have the ability to operate in many different flight modes according to their mission, detection and mitigation of the attacks become increasingly difficult over time. Cyber-attacks and their focuses are often evolving, and as a result, existing mitigation solutions slowly become obsolete. Many solutions that exist involve an intrusive solution or embedded software, which provide another attack surface for adversaries to and gain entry. Here, a hierarchical embedded cyber-attack detection system is explored and implemented, providing different methodologies and strategies for handling both cyber-attacks and hardware faults and failures on a hardware and information level.


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