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Master of Science


Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Robert H. Klenke

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Ruixin Niu

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Carl R. Elks


Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) create security concerns as their roles expand in commercial, military, and consumer spaces. The need to secure these systems is recognized in the architecture for a Hierarchical, Embedded, Cyber Attack Detection (HECAD) system. HECAD passively monitors the communication between a flight controller and all its peripherals like sensors and actuators. It ensures the functionality of a UAS is within the set of defined behavior and reports all potential problems, whether the errors were caused by cyber attacks or other physical faults. A portion of the design for Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) devices on board a flight control system is developed on an FPGA device. A wide range of cyber attacks and other faults are checked in SPI HECAD, implemented with VHDL and verified through use of the Integrated Logic Analyzer tool.


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