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Master of Fine Arts


Photography and Film

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Justin James Reed

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Sasha Waters Freyer

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Jonathan Molina-Garcia


Arts communities are currently reevaluating and restructuring power dynamics within their systems to accommodate a broader range of experience and subjectivity. However, the forces of control are still largely dictated by a broader patriarchal culture. This complicated, tangled dynamic is the focus of my research. Female artists who make work about men or about patriarchy more generally, are consistently subjected to its influence as the dominant cultural experience—the invisible “truth” that everything either is, or acts in reaction to its position. In reality, patriarchy is no longer gender specific. I will be addressing my relationship to it as well as my role within it. I aim to talk about my own female subjectivity; the psychological reality of living within this long-standing societal structure. This project, by examining those things generally left unseen in the creation of artworks, will shed light on the insidious ways we go about disguising domination through language and behaviors.


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