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Master of Fine Arts


Interior Design

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Roberto Ventura

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Robert Smith

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Sara Reed

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Camden Whitehead

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Emily Smith

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Lexy Holcombe


Project Statement

As one of the least popular, yet highly influential and pervasive, musical genres of modern times, jazz will help inspire impressionable high school aged students in cultivating individual expression and collaboration through an environment of musical and social interaction. The project is designed to be a safe haven for these students where the ambiance intends to promote a sense of self-worth, security, and curiosity through the engagement of jazz music.

Concept Statement

The project celebrates harmony and individual expression through the improvisational and collaborative efforts of jazz music.


It is commonly accepted that music education has a positive impact on a child’s development. According to a study reported in Neurological Research, musical training scored higher than computer training in measuring spatial-temporal ability. In the case of jazz, its onset represented a turning point in American history where people of different cultures were able to connect with one another through a mutual love of music. This showcase of power and influence, although panned by classicists for its unconventional musical style, has established jazz as a respectable art form in American history and culture.


The high school years are known to be a vulnerable and often awkward period in a person’s life. Identity and self-exploration emerge as prominent issues that can shape how high school students interact with their environment. Without an outlet and support, students may risk missing opportunities that help realize their creative potential.


As a celebration of jazz and musical collaboration the project seeks to instill creative growth in the minds of high school students through resources that bring jazz out of obscurity and into a spotlight of innovation. One of the project’s goals sees to the encouragement of students to mingle with and learn from their peers, whether lounging in front of its extensive music library or practicing a ditty in one of its quirky jam rooms. Although the project targets traditional jazz, students of all musical backgrounds are welcome to bring their desired instrument to share with others. Lastly, a spacious performance area designed to accommodate various musical setups will not only give students the opportunity to display their talent and skill, but as a mode to cheer and support their peers.


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