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Doctor of Philosophy


Systems Modeling and Analysis

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David J Edwards

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D'Arcy P Mays

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Cheng Ly

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Yanjun Qian

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Ghidewon Abay Asmerom


Recent work has shown that the structure for design plays a role in the simplicity or complexity of data analysis. To increase the knowledge of research in these areas, this dissertation aims to utilize design structure for improving design selection and analysis. In this regard, minimal dependent sets and block diagonal structure are both important concepts that are relevant to the orthogonality of the columns of a design. We are interested in finding ways to improve the data analysis especially for active effect detection by utilizing minimal dependent sets and block diagonal structure for design.

We introduce a new classification criterion for minimal dependent sets to enhance existing criteria for design selection. The block diagonal structure of certain nonregular designs will also be discussed as a means of improving model selection. In addition, the block diagonal structure and the concept of parallel flats will be utilized to construct three-quarter nonregular designs.

Based on the literature review on the effectiveness of the simulation study for slight the light on the success or failure of the proposed statistical method, in this dissertation, simulation studies were used to evaluate the efficacy of our proposed methods. The simulation results show that the minimal dependent sets can be used as a design selection criterion, and block-diagonal structure can also help to produce an effective model selection procedure. In addition, we found a strategy for constructing three-quarters of nonregular designs which depend on the orthogonality of the design columns. The results indicate that the structure of the design has an impact on developing data analysis and design selections. On this basis, it is recommended that analysts consider the structure of the design as a key factor in order to improve the analysis. Further research is needed to determine more concepts related to the structure of the design, which could help to improve data analysis.


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