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Doctor of Philosophy


Health Related Sciences

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Gentry, Tony


This dissertation in the form of three papers ready for submission to peer-reviewed journals is submitted toward the requirements of the PhD in Health Related Sciences program at Virginia Commonwealth University. Chapter One provides an introductory overview of the project, including: (a) an overview of pressure injuries, (b) the impact of seating as an intervention, and (c) aims of the three-paper dissertation in addressing various aspects of pressure injury prevention. Each paper is unique and singular in its focus, yet all share the overlying aim of addressing pressure injury risk associated with wheelchair seating. Paper One describes the unique facilitators and barriers associated with pressure injury prevention practices among individuals with upper motor neuron lesions. Paper Two consists of a systematic review of the literature on the comparative effectiveness of various wheelchair seat cushions in reducing pressure injuries. Paper Three presents the results of a pilot study of a unique shape-capture method for custom-fitted wheelchair cushions conducted by the student researcher.


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