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Master of Fine Arts


Dean's Office Qatar

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Diane Derr

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Law Alsobrook

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Ryan Browning

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Patty Paine


Social hierarchy across class divisions in Qatar is evident in clothing apparel. Materiality, objects and form act as powerful signifiers relative to an individual’s social belonging. Our perception and identification of these elements is driven by our own pre-existing assumptions and position within Qatar’s social stratification. We interpret social status and identity through symbolic representation.

Construction site materials are demonstrative of individuals working on the sites and their social status, just as the Birkin bag becomes emblematic of the women’s position within the social hierarchy. This thesis project utilizes hybridization of material and form as a primary mode for translating the coexistence and interdependence of contrasting social subgroups in Qatar. Through the design of footwear, this project interrogates the relationship between materiality and social status to create a fusion to emphasize dynamics of social divide.


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