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Tiffany Williams DDS MSD

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Patrice Wunsch DDS MS

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Caroline Carrico PhD

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Deanna Couser MD


This purpose of this randomized controlled trial was to determine the effect of pre-procedural informational video for full mouth dental rehabilitation (FMDR) under general anesthesia (GA) on guardian knowledge, retention and anxiety. Guardians of patients presenting to Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Dentistry, Department of Pediatric Dentistry for consult appointments to receive FMDR under GA were randomly assigned to the experimental or control group. In the experimental group, subjects watched an informational video and received written and verbal instructions regarding the upcoming FMDR appointment. The control group received written and verbal instructions only. On the day of the surgery, guardians completed a questionnaire which assessed knowledge retention for the procedure at hand and pre-procedural instructions along with the anxiety level of the parents. The difference in the knowledge retention between the two groups was evaluated using Kruskal-Wallis test. Overall anxiety score was compared using Kruskal-Wallis test. A total of 73 guardians participated in the study, 66 English speaking and 7 Spanish speaking (control=32, 44%; experimental=41, 56%). The median number of correct responses was 12 (IQR: 11-13). There was a significant difference between the two groups (p-value=0.0467) with the video group scoring a median of 13 (IQR: 11-14) compared to 12 (IQR: 10.5-13) for the control group. The median score was 8 (IQR: 6-10) for the group who viewed the video and 7 (IQR: 5-10) for the control group. Overall, 20% of the guardians reported that they were “Very Anxious” and an additional 41% indicated “Slightly Anxious” on the day of the procedure. Self-reported anxiety did not differ significantly between the two groups (p-value=0.6945). The video did influence guardian knowledge retention. Guardians have high levels of anxiety prior to their child’s FMDR under GA.


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