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Depression and anxiety during adolescence includes symptoms of irritability, sleeplessness, feelings of guilt or worthlessness, worry, avoidance, and/or restlessness. Anxiety and depressive symptoms are often comorbid and are associated with impairments across academic, social, and emotional areas of functioning. No studies to date have examined patterns of depressive and anxiety symptoms together for African American adolescents using person-centered analyses. The current study examined patterns of symptoms and domains of anxiety and depression during early adolescence using latent profile analyses (LPA). A sample of 196 African American early adolescents in grades six through eight (Mage = 12.6; 50% female) were used for analyses. A three-profile solution that identified a Low-severity group, a High externalizing/moderate school and social evaluation difficulties group, and a High social evaluation and physiological/sleep problems group. Significant patterns of relations with positive school interpersonal relationships (e.g., student-teacher relationships and student-student relationships) and emotion regulation difficulties (e.g., anger emotion regulation coping, anger inhibition, anger dysregulated expression) were also found based on profile membership. Understanding how patterns of depressive and anxiety symptoms present for African American youth during adolescence is crucial to the conceptualization, treatment, and prevention of anxiety and depression using culturally sensitive approaches.


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