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Master of Fine Arts


Photography and Film

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Mary Beth Reed

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Justin James Reed

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Paul Thulin-Jimenez

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Stephen Vitiello


The impetus for making films that conjure up atemporal, interconnected spaces suggestive of a unique reality has been influenced in large part by Michel Foucault’s idea of heterotopia, or the creation of a new world by joining together discursive spaces. As such, my practice begins with the collection and re-imagination of these discursive spaces through a combination of an in-depth exploration of little-known landscapes and the organic observation of the natural realm in relation to the human world. By combining various mixed media including digital, film print, as well as re-purposed archival footage, I alter the filmic quality of the images I have captured and researched to lend them a sense of other worldliness. Concurrently, I create a soundscape, composed of multi-layered field recordings and archival sounds, which are at once harmonious and reminiscent of nature, yet have a cacophonic and almost hyperreal quality. The result of the combination of image and sound is the manifestation of a reality that speaks to the relationship between humanity and the natural world.


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