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Master of Urban & Regional Planning


Urban Studies & Planning

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Dr. Michela Zonta


Car-sharing is a membership-based mobility service that offers short-term vehicle rentals. Studies have shown that car-sharing can increase transportation sustainability by encouraging the use of public transit and reducing vehicle miles traveled. This thesis examines the potential for car-sharing in Richmond, Virginia through an attitude-based qualitative pilot study. Using the theory of planned behavior as a framework, urban and suburban residents were asked questions that measured car-sharing intention strength, mode choice habit, and life change effects. The study found that even among those with positive attitudes toward car-sharing, existing habits, lack of adequate commuting alternatives and the needs of non-driving dependents were major hindrances to shared-car use. Better facilities and interventions designed to encourage the use of transit, walking, and bicycling may play an important role in overcoming these obstacles and increasing the viability of car-sharing in Greater Richmond.


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June 2008