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Cognitive debiasing is an approach to reducing diagnostic decision-making errors resulting from the misuse of cognitive heuristics and biases. This study built on prior research that has successfully used a multi-modal debiasing approach to reduce diagnostic errors. Clinicians were recruited and randomized into a general presentation on the changes in the stress and trauma section of ICD-11 (including the diagnostic criteria of prolonged grief disorder [PGD]) or the same general presentation plus and a cognitive debiasing intervention for PGD. All clinicians were then asked to diagnose three patient vignettes in which biases/potential decision-making errors were embedded in the text. Results revealed nonsignificant effects of the intervention on diagnostic accuracy. These findings may be related to an underpowered sample, inadequate bias activation, and a ceiling effect. More research is needed to improve upon the methodological limitations of the current study and to optimize potential benefits for clinicians working with the bereaved.


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