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Master of Fine Arts


Graphic Design

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Wesley Taylor

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Andrew Walsh-Lister

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Heidi Reszies


As an active pursuit of avoiding excellence, my work acts as a space for failure, play, experimentation and imperfection. This document and final installation acts as a pause along a lifelong journey of object-making, creation, and spirituality. My work, specifically my working practice, rather than any one object or moment, is an escapist utopia for myself. My work is the process, the journey, not the ending or the completion of any one thing. The repetition, distortion, and production that I engage throughout my working practice acts as a spiritual exercise of meaning—making through creation. I fall deeply in love with each object as I see it through to their next life. As the vessel for them to pass through onto a new existence, this work acts as a self-narrative and reflection of whatever state I am in when they asked to be manifested. I often wait for the call, or impulse to begin a new project using this as a way to counter modern modes of “productivity”. This work seeks to not be taken seriously, as it fails drastically in terms of modern design, however this failure, for me, is freedom.



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