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Master of Fine Arts


Graphic Design

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Roy McKelvey

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Lauren Thorson

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Lap Le


Having crossed different geographical and cultural borders, I can’t seem to position myself beyond society’s forced binaries of race, sexuality, and materiality. My personal diasporic experience drives me to bring together various presences, putting them next to one another, engaging them in dialogues. My works often share multiple space–time possibilities: a digital space, a physical site, a virtual alternity. Occupying these parallel worlds are varied ratios of mixtures of natural ecosystems, my own system of abstraction, and existing technological systems that allow us a level of individual engagement not previously available. I want to invite people to fluctuate between these dimensions, immerse themselves in the ambivalence, and welcome slippage as inevitable clumsy moments with potential joy, which tend to happen through the combined presence of various elements. I hope that the experience would shape a more generative framework for interactions. The in-between space could be a void // something (in)tangible // something (in)visible.


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