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Undergraduate students pursuing a career in theatre are at the beginning of their life-long training and understanding and appreciation for the art. Performing in a Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) touring production alongside the responsibility of crafting educational outreach opportunities provides the students with a unique chance to comprehend the art they have chosen to devote their lives to. This paper details the value of offering a course I crafted entitled “TYA Educational Outreach”, for both the undergraduates enrolled and the community they would be reaching. While undergraduates develop an understanding of the impact theatre can have on an individual and how to share the art form with others, children in the community are exposed to live theatre and the social, emotional, and academic benefits that accompany it. The course curriculum will introduce students to the genre of TYA, educational outreach, and arts integration with their respective advantages. The course, taken in conjunction with a Rehearsal and Production credit, entails rehearsing and performing a one-hour adaptation of William Shakespeare’s The Tempest to local middle and high schools. On top of that students will be responsible for generating an accompanying study guide and workshop lesson plan, which they will lead in classrooms following the performance.


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