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Master of Fine Arts


Craft/Material Studies

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A. Blair Clemo

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Susan Ganch

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Jack L. Wax


when objects converge in a space

they start a dialogue of their lives

lives that become entangled with your life

your memory

objects are the narrators of memory

a stain, a chip, a tear

materials embed meaning and metaphor within the process of creating

woven cloth, throwing lines, squeezed and pressed coils

all become remnants of the hand

as I make, play, and collect materials and objects

questions are brought forward

How do these components talk to one other?

What are they saying?

How do I listen?

knowledge is generated in the transformation of material through the process of

making with my hands.

a call and response

a conversation

an attentive listener / / an intuitive maker

I seek to excavate spaces and analyze my findings

in hope of contemplation and examination

a moment where my art becomes artifact

where the unfamiliar appears familiar

connecting materials and objects that have anchored our human experience

to ask the unanswerable questions of human existence

to love

to grieve

to grasp onto memories

to let go

to admire fate

to mourn

to grow


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