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Master of Urban & Regional Planning


Urban and Regional Planning

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Dr. Elsie Harper-Anderson

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Dr. Elizabeth L. Sweet

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Dr. Kathryn L. Howell


As the Latinx population in the US continues to grow, new Latin-centric ethnic enclaves are developing in urban areas, including those in US southern states. While there has been some discourse on the role of Latin immigrants in the US labor market generally, there is limited literature addressing the specific experiences of Latinas as inhabitants of urban spaces and the factors impacting their economic sustainability. Latinas, on average, earn $0.54 to every $1.00 a white male earns. Their economic position, combined with their cultural traditions and practices, raises questions about how they achieve economic security in the US. This research uses Richmond and Chesterfield, Virginia as a case study to further explore the internal and external factors that positively and negatively impact Latinas' economic well-being and how these translate into various forms of cultural capital. Based on the findings, I offer three key recommendations for planners to better support Latinas’ in Richmond and Chesterfield, Virginia.


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