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Doctor of Philosophy


Systems Modeling and Analysis

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D'Arcy Mays

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Abdel-Salam G. Abdel-Salam


Statistical process control (SPC) is used in many fields to understand and monitor desired processes, such as manufacturing, public health, and network traffic. SPC is categorized into two phases; in Phase I historical data is used to inform parameter estimates for a statistical model and Phase II implements this statistical model to monitor a live ongoing process. Within both phases, profile monitoring is a method to understand the functional relationship between response and explanatory variables by estimating and tracking its parameters. In profile monitoring, control charts are often used as graphical tools to visually observe process behaviors. We construct a practitioner’s guide to provide a stepby- step application for parametric, nonparametric, and semiparametric methods in profile monitoring, creating an in-depth guideline for novice practitioners. We then consider the commonly used cumulative sum (CUSUM), multivariate CUSUM (mCUSUM), exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA), multivariate EWMA (mEWMA) charts under a Bayesian framework for monitoring respiratory disease related hospitalizations and global suicide rates with parametric, nonparametric, and semiparametric linear models.


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