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Doctor of Philosophy


Media, Art, and Text

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Dr. Karen McIntyre

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Dr. Oliver Speck

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Dr. Richard Fine

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Dr. Carolyn Eastman


Twitter is a popular platform among Saudis, making them among the world's most active users. This quantitative study (N = 574) employed a survey design guided by uses and gratifications theory to identify eight important gratification factors that influence the news-sharing intentions of Saudi youth. Multiple linear regression analyses showed that the entertainment, socialization, agency enhancement, community building, and patriotism gratifications were significant predictors of news-sharing intention on Twitter. Furthermore, there was a significant correlation between socialization gratification and Twitter use, which corresponds with previous research on the topic. Also, the results showed that graduate students were more likely to use Twitter than undergraduate students, while the participants' demographics did not significantly impact their intention to share news on Twitter.


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