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Master of Interdisciplinary Studies


Interdisciplinary Studies

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Joseph Siepel


I use bright colors to portray birds. Typically, the birds are modeled after herons, peacocks, woodpeckers, and roadrunners. I am interested in the curvilinear forms or colorful plumage of these birds. Why birds? I wonder that myself. The rational part of me wants to know why I use bird imagery, while the intuitive side of me likes the fact that if is unknown, I haven't been able to answer that burning question. In my sculpture, wire connectors, kitchen funnels, electrical tape, caps, marker parts, cleaning bottles, and watering cans are just some of the many plastic items I use. In my painting, irregular patterns and bright, saturated pigments are evident in the compositions. I couple humorous and comical depictions of birds with an attention to design. Although art making is a serious activity, I believe there is room for humor.


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June 2008