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Biomedical Engineering

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Dr. Rebecca Heise


To study the effects of aging in murine lungs, we characterized C57Bl6j mice from neonatal to 24-month-old mice. Samples were divided into two groups: Young Mice (YM) and Middle Age/Old Age Mice (MOM). The YM group included the neonatal and 6-10week. The MOM group included 7- and 22–24-month-old mice. Rheological testing was performed using a TA Instruments DHR-2 Rheometer to collect the mechanics of each mice sample. Utilizing a 20-mm parallel plate fixture, a gap of 0.8-1.0-mm, and a temperature setting of 25C, we conducted a frequency sweep. Samples were the decellularized over a four-day process then lyophilized for mass spectrometry. Histology was also conducted to visualize the structure of the lung. Our results showed that as the age of the mice increased the YM and MOM group, showed an increase in the storage and loss modulus. These results showcase that there are some changes in tissues mechanics that are age-related and this change can be related to decreased lung function.


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