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Doctor of Philosophy


Systems Modeling and Analysis

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QiQi Lu

Second Advisor

D'Arcy P. Mays

Third Advisor

Yanjun Qian

Fourth Advisor

Qin Wang


This dissertation develops two changepoint tests for serially correlated ordinal categorical time series.

A cumulative sum type test is devised to test for a single changepoint in a correlated categorical data sequence, which is constructed from a latent Gaussian process through clipping techniques. A sequential parameter estimation procedure is proposed to estimate the model parameters. The method is illustrated via simulations and applied to a real categorized rainfall time series from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The second changepoint test is a likelihood ratio type test based on a marginalized transition model. This model permits likelihood inference and the serial dependence is modeled via a first-order Markov chain. An efficient algorithm is proposed to obtain the maximum likelihood estimates. The Lu and Wang (2012) changepoint detection method for annual frequencies of sky-cloudiness conditions at Fort St. John Airport in Canada is extended to hourly cloud cover data.


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Available for download on Tuesday, October 13, 2026