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Doctor of Philosophy


Public Policy & Administration

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Dr. Sarah Jane Brubaker

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Dr. Ronke Akinkugbe

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Dr. Susan Bodnar-Deren

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Dr. Sarah Raskin


Chlamydia is a growing public health concern that disproportionately impacts southern states. While social determinants of health are not direct causes of chlamydia infections, studies have found that these determinants do influence infections by creating environments that promote or hinder health seeking behaviors, as well as exposure to risk factors. Guided by the Social Ecological Model of Public Health and the Healthy People 2030 Social Determinants of Health Conceptual Framework, this dissertation study aimed to examine the associations between social determinants of health and chlamydia infections among Georgia counties. This study employed a correlational research design. Aggregate-level secondary data for all 159 Georgia counties were extracted from GeorgiaData, the state of Georgia’s online data repository.

Results showed that the following social determinants were positively associated with chlamydia infections among Georgia counties: proportion identifying as Black, African American, proportion between 15 and 29 years of age, proportion at or below the poverty threshold, proportion above 25 years of age with less than a high school diploma or its equivalency, physician rate, proportion of single parent-headed households, proportion residing in a rural area, and total crime rate. Additionally, the following social determinants were found to be negatively associated with chlamydia infections among Georgia counties: unemployment rate, proportion under 65 years of age and uninsured, and civic participation.The results of this study had implications for local governments related to the development and implementation of targeted multi-level public policy initiatives and prevention interventions.


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